Big Decisions

When you need to make a big decision how do you decide? A magic eight ball was designed for those who can’t figure these things out yet no one would really leave it to a magic eight ball to decide, would they? I pray for clarity and sometimes I don’t seem to get any. I try to weight the pros and cons but most of the time I can tilt that to which ever I think I want. I could talk with friends but each one seem to have different opinions so I end up with more choices than answers! I wait for one of the doors to close but sometimes both doors stay open. Over and over I end up making a decision only to re-think it later. Have I confused you? I know I am! A friend and I were discussing this the other day and his insight was to the point. Is life a rope, a linear path that leads straight? One which if we go to the left or the right we fall off the path we are intended for. Or is life more like a forest, which is full of trees with multiple paths through, but the goal is always the other side? I am no Biblical scholar but I know that God has a plan for my life. I have seen to many evidences of his hand in my life to not believe that there is a plan. The question is whether I am tapped into what he is doing or floating on the wind. I haven’t really worked this out in my mind but I think on this often. Pleasure, pain, good choices or bad they all play a part in what God calls our good! But like the great philosopher Ozzy Osbourne has sung, Don’t look to me for answers, don’t ask me I don’t know!

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