How are you about learning new things? I got a new position which will require me to learn a bunch on new stuff. Computers, backup more things I have never had to do before. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and my head was racing with all the things I had to get done. Learn how to do that, look up the directions for that server and other things. I couldn’t go back to bed for a while just because I couldn’t shut off my brain. I was half excited and the other half worried I wouldn’t be able to do what it is the new job entails. That is me fifty percent loving new challenges and the other half dreading it. It is a risk isn’t it? Trusting that you will figure it out. Having enough faith in yourself to take the plunge? The question we don’t want to ask or answer is, What if I fail? So far I have only had a few jobs where I felt I was the wrong guy. I knew it even if other around me didn’t. None of them came down to them asking me to leave. I decided it was time and moved on. Maybe that is the key? Being able to see your strengths and weaknesses in a position and knowing when you’re not right, in time to seek other opportunities. Of course the other side is my buddy who gets a new job every year or two. I can’t stand that much change.

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