A Charlie Brown Moment

Do you remember how Lucy could always get Charlie Brown to try to kick the football? (You kids ask your mom) Time and time again Charlie Brown would believe she was not going to pull the ball away and every time Charlie sat on his backside regretting his decision. I had one of those growing up. Every time we would visit my grandfather’s house I would end up looking into the toy box he kept in the back porch. Always in the same place next to the rock tumbler that was always rhythmically polishing away. It contained a few odd toys and the object of my dread, two sets of boxing gloves. What I can’t figure out is how time and time again my older brother would talk me into putting them on? The results where always, me up against the apple tree hands covering my head yelling for my life as he pummeled me. He was crafty, he would promise to stay on his knees or only use his left hand. It didn’t matter, even if I could get a blow in it just meant a bigger payback. I have recently¬†come to the realization that many of the lessons I have learned have come out of sheer repetition. Many I will have to go through a few more times before I get it. I have learned this one thing thou. If you put on the gloves, don’t expect anyone to pull their punches for long!

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