A fiendish Plot!

There are a lot of things I am sure only happen to me. Like trying to get to work on time, and how one of my neighbors is assigned to do twenty miles an hour in a forty-five. It isn’t the same neighbor every day so they must have a shared calendar where they sign up to take a shift. This isn’t the only thing, others include getting a dog that can randomly barf when you let it in the house or cats that do their business in hidden spots like between the layers of a throw blank on the couch. I don’t know why these things surprise me, they happen all the time, I should be looking for it. Maybe it is the somewhat random schedule of which they come. I can’t stay mad at any one of them if they trade-off who does what. I sometimes think my animals have a nightly meeting to discuss whose turn it is to make a mess. All-thou if they are talking to the neighbors about the speed thing it would explain how I was late because I was cleaning up after an animal that left me a morning present.

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