A fool with a tool….

Every software company that tries to sell me their product tells me the same thing. They are going to solve all my problems and make my job much easier. The reality is really the opposite. The application usually does things just enough differently or didn’t include a portion of what I needed to make my life more difficult. Yet time and time again I watch the companies I work for pick tools based on this flawed premise. The problem comes back to our hatred of figuring out what it is we do, then applying technology to accelerate your business. The saying is “a fool with a tool is still a fool”. Having the money to spend on a piece of software doesn’t mean you should. If you have no idea what you are doing software is not going to fix it. One place a I worked we shutdown the expensive tool we had and found a cheap replacement for the one critical part until we mapped out our processes and tested them. Then we picked a tool that would allow us to automate those processes. No salesman smoke and mirrors could change the facts, the software either did what we needed or not. This is true for your own needs as well. figure it out before you find a program to do it for you. It will serve you better in the end.

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