A real conspiracy!

Forget JFK or aliens, I have a real conspiracy on my hands. It is dress socks. Rather it is the unexplainable disintegration of them after I buy them! I am on to the manufacturers little games! I buy them in packs of six and for six glorious days I have perfect pairs in my drawer. I get up I shower I find a pair and put them on. That is until they go into the hamper, then the real nefarious deeds begin. Never are any of them found again in a pair! I can find one of them but never two, unless one has a hole in the toe. I believe they make one out of a material that dissolves in the wash. I’m tired of spinning them around to have the hole on the pinky toe. I run around the house until I am ten minutes late for work! Then when I finally give up I wear two very close but not a pair socks, I know they are not! I even made a feeble attempt to fool the sock steeling elves by purchasing two six packs of the same color, but this made them mock me. Socks of other colors showed up paired in my drawer, but not the ones I purchased. I am installing a webcam over my sock drawer to catch whoever my tormentor is and will report back my findings at a later date!

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