Adult diapers are not stylish!

I saw a new commercial yesterday for men. It was a pad for those who have a leaking problem. The spokesman was Tony Siragusa a hall of fame football lineman. In the commercial  he tries to “man up” these things but let face it, adult diapers are never going to be something you are proud of! They are trying all kinds of things, putting actresses in them for charity, making them funny or manly or stylish. Come on, they are made for when you have a problem, not for causal wear around the house. If diapers are to become everyday fashion we would have to stop potty training our children. That way we wear them for life, we could then create teenage ones with messages on them, so when they wear their pants swung low you could read them. Or how about athletes with advertising on them as they compete. While I can remember a few times in life when I wish I did have one on, it was never for comfort or fashion. Even if the wood chairs in my dining room are hard to sit on for a long period of time, padding is low on my list of under garment requirements. I think the makers of these products should be happy with the fact they have a captive customer base, and not try to sell them to everyone else!

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