Adults Suck!

I want to be irresponsible! I want to run away and live life on the road! Why can’t I drink every night or stay up all night playing video games? Why can’t I tell everyone else that they annoy me and swear under my breath that I am going to do everything different when I am an adult. I want to believe I know everything and have no past just a future. I wish money just magically appeared every time I need it and most of the time I want it. I want a refrigerator full of food to stand in front of and complain that there is nothing to eat! I want to drive a free car and let the engine light stay on till that car no longer works and wait impatiently for a new one to appear. I want to do as little as I can in school and expect scholarships and a free ride to the college of my choice! I want a have a free cell phone and complain that it is not the latest model. I want to be with multiple woman and if they get pregnant just move on to someone else never having to pay child support. I want free healthcare and if I get a hang nail I want to clog up the emergency room.  If they get my order wrong at the McDonald’s drive thru I want ready access to 911 to complain. I want to live in a country that gives all these things and complain and plot to destroy it.

If you think I am talking about a teenager you would be wrong, these are actually items from the news. Of course I added a few ad-libs but as country are coming apart at the seams. Adults have lost what it means to be a contributing member of society. With adults acting like this, how are our children going to stand a chance.

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