Go ahead, play that one more time!

maleoperasingerWhat happened to worship music at church? I don’t want to whine too much, I do like my church, but every week it is the same. We start out with a verse to a song but then we hit the chorus and never leave! We do the chorus loud, then soft, then loud again, perhaps a cappella, then another loud followed by thirty more rounds of the chorus. Is it that they are no longer writing second or third verses or are we just doomed to say the three or four lines until Jesus returns? They usually have some good content even thou they pound it into the ground. I think some people like doing this, I do not. I don’t care how great the song or chorus are I just can’t take the repetition. Maybe if they would work in another verse or two or possible sing another song I could get more into the worship. Otherwise I am going to stare off at the musicians wondering if they are as bored as I am.

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