Alien or Too much Electronic media?

alienA survey said that adults are spending on average of eleven hours a day with electronic media. That is TV, Smartphones, computers and others. So if we sleep eight hours (ha, ha!) That is almost seventy percent of our day in front of some sort of device! That is a crazy number, and I can only assume with devices like Google glasses, new smart watches and sports tech this will only get worse. I am not saying that these are bad but all the wireless signals and radiation emanating from these has to be cooking us like a slow microwave. At some point I expect people to start popping like jiffy pop popcorn. Maybe Aliens are not from other planets but from the future where their eyes have bugged out from looking at screens all day and their heads are huge from the popcorn thing already happening. Maybe we can understand them because they only speak hash tags and acronyms so it sounds like gibberish just like most of the teenager I hear talking today! This could be that these, so-called aliens are really people trying to come back and warn us about some new technology that once implanted in us turns us all green? I don’t know if it is just me, but I now feel the need to go wilderness camping without my phone!

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