All I wanted was a drink of water!

When I was a kid I had a canteen. You remember them? It was a round thing that looked like it was army surplus with fur on the outside. It had a strap and you could sling it over your shoulder. Who knows what it was made of, probably tin or galvanized metal. I’m sure at some point they figured out that it was dumping something bad into us so they no longer sold those. Then they went to steel. Like our lunch box thermos without the glass inside. I had a few growing up but seemed to always break the glass inside. Then it went to aluminum, but that was bad for some reason so they switched to plastic. Then, you guessed it. That was bad for us as well. Now we have different plastics with free this or that and no that or this, and I recently see more aluminum back in the mix. The stack of water bottles I shouldn’t use is growing and probably filling up the land fills. I can’t keep it straight. I am wasting more energy figuring out what is safe than I am gaining by not using them. I figure if I wait long enough, I will probably find out that old canteen was actually better than all of them. But by then they will figure out how to make me buy a new one for three times the price.

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