Can’t we all just get along?


Angry Asian Girl Pulling A FaceFirst, I want to say that there is no way to defend what the owner of the Clippers did. Not just the recent release of his comments, but the years of what seems like over the top treatment of minorities in many ways. What I wonder about is the response to the revelation. One great response was from Kareem Abdul Jabber. His comments asked where the outrage has been since this guy has had a pattern of treating people badly for years.  What I like about this question is it is truly intelligent. He is outraged, he is upset but he is using his brain to create a discourse which is the way we can really work to stop these kinds of things from happening. Those calling for a lynching or the creation of an all black basketball league are just perpetuating the problem. If we can’t talk about the issues that separate us, discuss them passionately but respectfully we will not get to a solution. We have seemed to lost the ability in this country to disagree. Everyone cries some sort of outrage instead of skillfully and intelligently state their case. We need to regain our right to disagree but do it in a way that respects each other, if we can’t these issues will never go away


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