Amusing hobbies.

adding-characters-to-thrift-store-paintings-by-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-15It isn’t always easy to figure out what the best way to spend your free time on. By free time I don’t mean those vacation days you have been storing up, I mean the everyday hours where you could be watching TV or knitting a hat out of old aluminum beer cans and yarn. I tend to put a lot of hours in on my computer. I will have the TV on but will be working on a website or writing something I need to get done. I have always liked to do creative things, music or video, even graphics but I have found that there are some things I am just better at than others. For example, I have tried painting but it takes more talent and patience than I have to do a good job so I have abandoned trying it. Whatever it is that you enjoy when you are finished with a project I hope that you can look at it and smile at the accomplishment no matter how good the finished product is. Today I stumbled across one person’s hobby, which gives me I hope as much joy as it does him. Check out the link to the art of David Irvine, David takes thrift store paintings and paints random characters into those paintings. One of my favorites is Darth Vader fishing on a classic lake scene. What really makes me smile about these is the shear randomness of what he has added to each painting, They make no sense, they do not fit in the classic painting which is why I get so much enjoyment out of them.

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