An inch is an inch!

Several hundred years ago when we were ruled by kings. Every time a new king came to power they would measure his foot and that was the new standard of that measurement. A foot really was a foot in those days. Today we have a standard for a foot and an inch that does not change. They are what they are and they are stringently maintained by geeks who make sure they don’t change. So tell me why I can buy a pair of shoes or pants or even a belt all the same size and yet they couldn’t be any more different? Why does one companies shoes run big and another run small? This makes no sense! If I buy a pair of size 11 shoes, I ought to be able to wear them. Especially in this day of ordering on-line, I don’t want to have to cheat out the local store by trying them on, and then telling them something like, I will think about it. Only to go home and order them from Amazon. I feel obligated to buy like a pair of sox, even thou I can buy them for 50% less online just for the time they gave me. And don’t get me started on pants. If I get another order of Capri pants in purple instead of what I ordered, I am going to scream! Someone needs to figure out how to make every thing that is a size, actually be that size!

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