And the greatest of these is Pie!

Few things can make me smile on the inside like some foods can. You know what I mean? There is just some food that is good or even taste great, but others transcend the taste and become more of a memory inducer. Tamales for example. My family eats them at midnight on Christmas. I hated them as a kid, couldn’t stand the taste. Now, like Pavlov’s dog, I salivate at the thought of that moment when I get a plate of warm tamales and black beans. And of course a mixed berry pie is right up there as well. It has to be with a scoop of vanilla ice cream melting on top of a warm piece of pie. It also must be snowing outside for the full effect. It reminds me of our move to Colorado all those years ago. In our new house looking out the window at the mountains feeling the great adventure we had undertaken to move away from the familiar to a place unknown. Today I know it was the right decision and we have enjoyed our kids growing up here, but the pie can bring back that feeling of adventure and can warm my insides like a fireplace filled with a roaring fire! One caveat to the feeling, low-calorie or sugar-free pie do not give the same feeling. They more give a feeling of regret than anything else!

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