The answer is not always “World Peace”!

cryingEver notice in beauty pageants the answer to most questions is “World Peace”? Anytime they go off script we read about it on the internet or see it the next morning or on the morning shows. Athletes are the same way, after a loss they stand at the podium and say “We just didn’t play our game today” or “The other team was really good today”. None of these people can really tell you what they really think because when they do they will get slammed by the media and everyone else. So they hire media consultants to tell them what to say, and PR people to manage what we see of them and what we hear about them neatly controlled. They have to! Their livelihood depends on the perception of who they are in the media, not who they really are. Every time I hear some actor spouting off about politics I think less of them. I don’t want to hear they believe Fidel Castro is a hero or saint; I pay you to be entertained!  I do however, like to see Hollywood types giving of their time to non-profit work. The reason is politics is sticky business, high school dropouts telling me I am wrong about how the country should be run, just because they can act, tells me all I need to know about their intellectual prowess, while charity work tells me about their heart. God may not have blessed us all with the brains to run a country, but he gave us all a heart to make a difference. So when one of these stars or sports figures goes off script and starts a media storm, I tend to look for any sign that they are a person of heart. That usually tells me  whether I can just ignore it and wait for the storm to pass.

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