I apologize for the incorrect moral outrage!

coffeeWell, it was inevitable but I want to apologize for spreading an internet lie! Nothing drives me crazier than those emails about the government cutting off conservative radio or other non-sense that gets spread by well-intentioned people on sites like Facebook or even by email. Chain letter fell out of favor in the internet age so now they are spread by reposting. I know that good things have happened by viral content, things like families reuniting and an injustice being righted, but other stupid stuff has happened too. I was duped by the Starbucks CEO saying those who support traditional marriage should not buy their coffee. Turns out he did say he supported gay-marriage but he did not say anything as controversial as was written in many articles, he merely said when asked about the stock going down the quarter after that support statement that if you were thinking of dumping Starbucks stock over the support he wondered if other stocks would give you the 38% theirs did. He also stated his belief that it wasn’t a stock issue but a “people issue”. I have been not buying Starbucks over this for the last year, and now I feel kind of dumb. While I don’t agree with him, I would have to live in a shack in Montana to avoid companies who haven’t stated the same thing. Microsoft, Apple, Intel, and just about every other company which products I work with everyday have stated the same thing. I have friends who don’t agree with those companies who work for them! It isn’t like I buy a lot of coffee from Starbucks, one Venti black coffee once a month isn’t making them rich. Frankly I am too cheap to buy a foofoochino, but I also don’t have to drive out of my way to get a cup of coffee anymore either. My moral outrage can be saved for something more useful like ice cream prices!

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