In App Crack!

I have noticed that the new model of getting you to buy something is to give it away for free. There have always been the free stuff but now it is the personal electronic devices that are doing the hard sell. Free apps on your device which give you a few features to rope you in and then charge you to get what you really want. I call this the crack sales model. Just give me enough to get me really hooked then take away my lively hood. Yes I want more angry birds; of course I want your app to save my creation to the cloud where I can retrieve it! All these great apps do so many things I want to be able to do, but they string me along till I am hooked enough to see the price as worth it. What is so big about 99 cents? Or even $3.99 to get the extra features? You can see real quick how some kids have racked up a $10,000 bill for these lovely extras! Maybe this model can work for other things? Think how we could revolutionize your doctor’s visits? If they charged you in appointment fees for each thing you need it would probably rack up pretty quick. Then again, I don’t think I would pay for the shots, and I am certainly not going to let them charge me 99 cents to figure out how much I weigh!

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