Apple Fan-boy Christmas.

appleToday, was Apple fan-boy Christmas! Apple announced new iPhones and a Watch. You have to understand that Apple releases products slower than the other manufacturers. Samsung and all the others come out with new stuff every few months so, and this causes much trouble for the average fan-boy. You see all his PC/Android counterparts in the IT department have ribbed him about how their phone does all these things the iPhone can’t. Months go by as he suffers ridicule for having “last years” phone. He patiently reads the rumor sites for what Apple might be up to and can only quip back to the Androidian co-workers “yeah, well the next iPhone will be way better”. Luckily for them today was a good day for them. The iPhone is way better than the last and the watch looks pretty cool. So for about a week or two they can puff-out their chests and walk around the office with the shiny new toy, which will only be the latest and greatest for about that long.

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