Appliance Backtalk!

washerIIThe Consumer Electronics Show is happening this week in Las Vegas. CES is where all the companies who make stuff we wasted all our Christmas cash on try to show off this year’s model of stuff we don’t need, but want really bad. At least that is their hope, they show off all kinds of technology which may or may not become final products or if they do they will be off the market by march. I don’t know how these companies figure out what they think we will want, whether by research or witch doctor but many seem to be looking a tea leaves instead of anyone I know when it comes to figuring out what to build. One thing I saw today that was announced was a whole line of appliances that can text and email you. Like the ones a few years ago that had TV’s in the door, I am not sure that other than having my frig text me that the light actually goes off when I close the door I don’t see how this would be useful. Maybe if they could connect it to the other hot item wearable tech wristbands, to lock the door when ever I try to open the freezer to get the ice cream. Perhaps they could work together to shock me when I scoop out more than one serving or send disparaging text to the band or my iPhone, about how fat I till I put the carton back. Other great uses might be to allow me to add more time to the drier using my phone if my clothes aren’t dry. Then again they could just make a dryer that actually dries my clothes all the way the first time. Either of these would allow me to keep eating the ice cream the refrigerator let me have.

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