Are auto part masculine or feminine?

Call me sexist, but I want to buy my auto parts from a guy! My checkbook currently says I will be driving my 9-year-old car a while longer. Like until Jesus returns! So I have to fix things on it because getting it fixed is also not a possibility. While I can turn a wrench, I am no mechanic. So when I go to the auto parts store I usually am looking for information as well as a part. I am more and more seeing woman behind the counter. Now let me clarify, they probably know 10 times what I know about cars. They also probably have worked on far more cars than I have. This is not an issue of ability, I know these women, and others are perfectly capable of fixing a car. In the same way I wouldn’t ask another guy if my pants make me look fat. I am not comfortable asking them stupid questions about my car. I know this says more about me than about them but there are certain things I am comfortable asking men about that I wouldn’t ask a woman. Car parts is one of them.

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