Are we really this Lost?

I just walked by a car that had a bumper sticker that asked “What if the Hokey Pokey is what it is all about?” I know this is in jest but I can’t help but wonder as I look around, how we got this lost? As we get farther and farther away from a common moral belief system I see more and more people who make poor decisions. I used to believe that you could trust most people to do the right thing, but I’m not so sure anymore? I know some of this is because I am older. I have started to do the back in my day thing. Or how about the stories of how the neighbors would set us straight when we messed up. That doesn’t happen anymore. I used to laugh at the theory from the band DEVO. They said that greater and greater technology was causing man to De-evolve. Maybe it isn’t technology but a belief that we don’t need anyone to tell us who we are? We used to get our purpose from God and the idea was and still is, that we are not here for ourselves. Maybe it isn’t as far as evolving but the more technology, opportunity and affluence we have the further we are away from what we “should be” about. And it ain’t the Hokey Pokey!

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