Are you a Liar?

I got my teeth cleaned today. I really like the feeling after they do all that scraping and the polishing. I run my tongue over my teeth over and over. Every six months I go and sit in the chair to have it done and every time they ask me the same question. “Have you been flossing?” This is the moment where we have a choice. Do I lie? Do I say some ridiculous? “Well I was doing better but then my cat died I and I just didn’t have the strength to do it any more”. How about this one. My fingers are so large that I can’t fit them in my mouth or, I asked my wife to remind me but she forgot.
I talked with the hygienist and she told me that she can tell the minute she looks in a mouth whether the person has flossed so anything we say will really come out in the scraper. So a few times ago I changed my answer. I say to her “do you want me to tell you a lie or the truth?” I figure it gets me a chuckle, and the real answer isn’t so surprising.

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