Asteroids are scary!

I saw a news story about how an asteroid is going to fly by in the next couple of weeks. The headline was “Asteroid will  pass close to earth”. In the story they say that this asteroid is 1.7 miles long. I don’t know about you but this worries me! that is huge! I start to get a little knot in my stomach until they mention that by close, they mean 3.6 million miles away. Close in my mind is the Starbucks down the street. Close can even be my parents house three states away, but 3.6 million miles away is not close! Are they trying to make us nervous or has the news gotten so slow that they need to jazz up something far away. They say they are going to study it as it goes by. i bet the first observation listed will be that it is hard to see because it is 3.6 billion miles away! I don’t care how much glass there is between the asteroid and the geek looking through in the end, you aren’t gonna see much. Maybe if you knew it was coming you could have launched a camera into space to take pictures and send them back! Oh yeah, I forgot we would have to pay the russians to do that!

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