Go away, before I taunt you a second time!

holygrailAs I have gotten older I have really lost my patience for things like spam email and sales calls. The number of calls I get every night, even thou I put us on the on not call lists is ridiculous! My phone rings at least three times a night with caller id’s that say toll-free or have an area code I know is not where anybody I know lives. These calls are all the same you can hear the room full of people in the background making the same call to others asking me to take a survey or to tell me I have been selected for something or another. Most of the time I look at the caller id and don’t even answer or if I do I say I am not interested then hang up before they can get the first sentence out. I understand that the way I answer will determine if they put me on the “did not answer” or never call again list. The problem is I don’t have the patience to wait to tell them to never call again. I have tried being goofy with them, I have tried the loud noise, I even have done the “can’t hear them” but really it has been just to entertain myself. None of these things have changed the number of calls we get and none of this has changed my habits either. There has to be a way to really make these stop other than changing my phone number. The problem is I have had that number for almost fifteen years and if I ever change it I would not be able to call home. So I will continue my little game of sometime annoyance, sometimes taunting the caller until I can’t take it anymore!

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