Like you’re leaving the Apple Store!

appleMy son and I walked into the local Apple store the other day to kill some time and look at the full priced versions of what I want to buy on Amazon. We had not been in the store long when the lights in the store flashed on and off and everyone in the store seemed to stop. From the door next to the genius bar a woman walked out holding a dozen roses, and as she did the entire store erupted in to loud clapping and whistles. I looked around and we were the only ones not clapping. This didn’t go on for a minute, it kept going and going finally I got tired of just standing there so I started looking at product on the walls. It had to last at least ten minutes, and as she headed for the door she stopped and hugged many of those clapping. My son asked someone what was going on and it turned out the lady had been one of the managers since the placed open and it was her last day. Two things came into my mind about this event, the first is that was really awkward as a customer to be in the store and try to shop, I didn’t know if I should clap along or go about my business. Second I have never seen anyone get that kind of send off at any place I have ever worked, but I think we should do more of that. If someone is going on to a better place or in a place to go on to fulfill some lifetime dream somewhere else. We should send them off with a reception equal to their contribution, or at least something more meaningful than a sheet cake!

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