Awkward Moments!

There are certain situations that I never know what to say. Some are more serious like the death of a loved one, others are not as serious but just awkward.

1. People moving on to another job. Good luck to you! That sounds so goofy. What do you say, that we wish we could go with them or that we wish they would stay? That one always seems to be awkward.

2. Living together breakup. This one is just terrible, will they get back together? Who knows. If they do and you said something mean, you are on the no longer friend list. If they don’t and your friend keeps whining about it, you have to listen to it. What if you like them both as friends? Then you have to pick one. And who gets the pets.

3. Children Graduation. All they really want is money. They don’t want to hear the story of your graduation or what you did after graduation. They don’t want to tell the story of where they are going next, every time someone comes in. Their parents are making them have the party, just like I am doing to my kids. I don’t care if it is wanted or not I am just glad they made it!

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