Thank you for your awkward website ads!

Online Advertising On Laptop Shows Websites Promotions And Ecommerce StrategiesI get that websites are going to have ads. Since it is hard to pay for your website I see the need to use advertising to offset the cost. I also get that depending on the service you are using to show those ads on your site you really don’t have much control over the content of those ads. What really gets me are the really inappropriate ones. I went to a page this morning and an ad about breast-feeding was on the side, the picture was of a baby firmly attached to his mother but looking directly at the camera, Awkward! I don’t want to see an ad about breast-feeding, Cialis or anything on the page I am viewing. When I am looking at something or when I am trying to share with someone else an article about something important it makes it really awkward when the site has half-naked women down the side or in a banner at the top. At least with Cialis they are in separate bathtubs. Targeted ads make sense since things I might actually buy show up on the screen, I am never going to click on the ad for Depends, or anything else that is that embarrassing. If I need any of these products I can Google them or go to the product site. I can even look through my junk mail for a Canadian pharmacy that is willing to send them to me , or better yet just talk to my doctor. By the way, I also know better than to click on an ad that says “what every man should see”.

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