Bad Pizza!

I always believed you couldn’t make a bad pizza. Even the worst pizza was still good. I could eat just about any pizza as long as it didn’t have fish on it! Apparently I was wrong. Someone has come out with pizza in a jar. It is a mason jar with sauce, cheese and bread crammed together. You take all the ingredients I love stick them in a jar until they are soggy. Why not just call is a pizza smoothie? They could sell those at the local Jamba Juice. What a way to destroy one of my favorite things! Why do people keep trying to change the food I love into some monstrosity? Stop messing with my food! I don’t want mango’s in my salsa, nor do I like fish in my tacos! If I wanted meatloaf with garbanzo beans in it I would ask for it, and if you slip me a veggie burger someone is going to get hurt! Stop messing with my food, I am not eating as much of it as I use to so I want it to be what I remember not some yuppy creation.

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