Bah Hum Bug!

Hum bug! that is all I want to say! Who came up with this idea of a day when we celebrate love anyway? It really was the Church wanting to cover up a pagan festival. Why do we have to set aside a day when hallmark and flower growers make more in a day than I do all year? I’ve heard the story of Saint Valentine, how he was marring soldiers even thou they were forbidden to. So what? I love my wife and I try to express it every day not just the once a year when it is contrived. I heard someone this morning call it singles awareness day. That is what it is for many. For us married guys it is one of the two or three days a year we better get right. The others being anniversary and spouses birthday. If we don’t adequately express some thoughtfulness by purchasing large sums of chocolate and flowers we are forever used as a cautionary tale for others. Men will say to their sons, don’t end up making the same mistake my buddy Bob did! Then explaining in an over the top fashion the horror story of my stupidity. It isn’t even a conscious thing with women, it is a learned behavior from centuries of training. Oh no, I won’t make the mistake, I have purchased my part and will be making the delivery after work today.  This will get me through till the next day to not forget. Women, before you laugh to hard and think, that you are not like this. I would look to your husband when he comes home from work tonight. If he has one of the before mentioned products in his hands. Thou doth protest too much!

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