I am not yet bat crazy!

batMan, have I been busy! Ever have those times? I can go for months where it seems like I can’t find enough work to stay busy with, then I get into a time like now where I can’t find enough hours in a day. Not sure which one I like better. Slow times allow me to figure out what I want to do or even clean my office or do the project I was never able to get to. During the busy times I look up and the clock says it is time to go home but the work hasn’t stopped coming. I like the fast days, getting so many things done, running on adrenaline and coffee. The problem is it never comes evenly spread out. That is probably a good thing, if it was always slow they wouldn’t need me, if it was always busy I would probably run as fast as I can until I crashed. Maybe the waves of each keep my employer from finding me in the corner of a conference room curled up in the fetal position rocking back and forth reciting lines from “The Dark Knight”

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