Be Ready to Bleed

I don’t typically get over excited over things at work. Are there things I think they are doing wrong? Yes, but no place is perfect and if you don’t pick your battles you end up in a fight with everyone. The old saying about being willing to fall on your sword is really true. There is a young man who is on a project I am working on and he is making Custer’s last stand over something that he just isn’t going to win. The louder and harder he fights the bigger the pile of boulders that are about to land on him. I wish him all the best in his next endeavor, it will be a tough lesson to learn but I had to learn it the hard way as well. We all at times feel like Don Quixote, the only voice that is speaking right against a giant wrong. The problem is never whether it is true or not, sometimes it is the way we go about trying to change the situation sometimes it is the amount of company credibility we have. What we usually don’t look at is the consequences. Even if all the planets align, we still have to be willing to have the outcome be loading boxes of your stuff from you cube into your car and driving away! I learned this a while back and it took me quite a while to land on my feet after it was over. So I probably won’t be making any stands for a long while, the old wounds still don’t feel totally healed!

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