Beef, it’s whats for snacks.

5202beef_jerkyWhat does my choice of snack say about me? We all have a favorite snack, some we eat at certain times. For example I love popcorn late at night watching TV, it isn’t my favorite, I just like it at that time. Since I have been trying to watch what I eat it is a good solution. When I was doing the low carb thing Pork Rinds were good but every time I think about what they are I get a little squeamish. Beef Jerky on the other hand always rocks! I can’t buy a bag because I will eat the whole thing in one sitting. I can eat it any time and just about any flavor. I have tried the lime and chili, teriyaki, jalapeno, even some fruit flavored. The fruit wasn’t the best but I still ate it all. So as I sit here snacking on some Special K popcorn chips I can only imagine how good some beef would be right now.

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