Big Big Smile!

jeepToday I am as giddy as a school girl. I have spent the last month trying to repair and upgrade my Jeep. It had some parts that needed replacement but of course as I started repairing it I found other things were broken. So as often happens as I started working I got deeper and deeper into a mess. So over the course of several weeks I worked to get everything fixed and put back together till Saturday I drove the jeep out of the garage and took it to get new bigger tires. Today at work I am walking around showing the picture of my jeep like it is a new-born. Everyone who comes into my cube has to see it and anyone I know has now been shown the picture. Some of my pride is in how the vehicle now looks, it looks cool with the big tires and rims as well as the lift kit which raised it off the ground. Most of it comes from knowing I was able to get it done myself. It isn’t perfect, I broke some bolts I had to work hard to replace, but I am driving around in a car I was able to work on and make better. That is until one of the parts I put on falls off, and then I will be a little extra ticked off at myself for the goof. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen!

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