Big guy in a little guys coat!

suitI now refer to myself as a fat guy in a skinny guys’ body. The reason is I still have to fight daily to not gain weight. I look at food and I gain weight, all the things I love, burgers, fries, ice cream all of them conspire to make me eat them. So every day I count my calories and I exercise every other day trying to keep all the fat clothes in the back of my closet on the hanger. I see people who can eat anything they want and I hate them, they eat and eat and what happens? Nothing, I had a friend when I was younger who couldn’t gain weight, he would drink protein powder in gallons of milk, eat steak and potatoes every night for dinner and his great accomplishment was five pounds. I can gain that by dinner tonight even if I skip breakfast! I see people doing the cleanse or some other healthy thing and I cringe, I just can’t get myself to do those, all that work to eat my lawn in a blender or spend a week within arm’s reach of the restroom seems less appealing than having my toenails torn off with pliers! I guess we all have our own way of keeping healthy or at least attempting something close to healthy. So to all my friends out there trying all those things to get back into a shape other than the one you are, I raise my sixteen ounces of water in a non-PABA plastic bottle!

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