Not So Bright Ideas

I had the bright idea of working on my car over the four days I had off around Thanksgiving. I am no mechanic but I am willing to try, especially considering what it was going to cost me to fix my jeep. Day one went horrible, I had half the tools I needed and all the parts were rusted and old so getting them off was like separating a starfish from a rock. Day two was highlighted by several trips to the auto parts store to get even more tools and a pep talk from the girl at the counter who looked at me as if I was an idiot. The morning of day three was the highlight with the completion of one side of the front axle returning to the car and the ball joints changed. I was elated to begin the second wheel and after watching YouTube videos and with all the errors on the first wheel was confident I could complete the project in less than half the day. This is when only Murphy ’s Law can explain, the feces’ hit the fan. Turns out the previous owner had rigged up some bandages to keep the car together which fell apart the minute I took the car apart. Why do my projects always go like this? Every time I think it will be simple the hole I am digging gets a lot deeper. This happens on home and car repairs, and it is the reason I cringe every time my wife wants to redo something around the house. I am glad I am handy because I could afford to pay someone else to fix these disasters, but I wish just once I could complete a project without the thirty trips to the store.

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