Bring on the goodies!

cookiesI would like to file a formal complaint with the workplace police. I find the lack of Christmas goodies a bit disturbing! Where are the plates of cookies baked to impress co-workers? Where are the decorated morsels of chocolate, gluten and sugar for drive by or fly over snacking? I am putting a few extra miles on the treadmill just to be able to accommodate the fantastic menagerie, yet I am having a hard time finding trays of the seasonal fair around my office! Perhaps it is the corporate health officer, you know her, the only person allowed to wear sweats to work all year-long not just on the summer staff picnic day. She runs around promoting eating healthy and exercise for your “benefit”. Really the only benefit is to the company keeping them out of trouble with some government agency, the same one who makes them put up the small print posters in the lunchroom, over not caring about their employees. Over the next couple of days if the goodies don’t start showing up I will have to file a complaint with HR over the hostile work environment being created by the wellness nurse!

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