Broken by noon tomorrow!

I refuse to make any New Years resolutions! It is a waste of time and down right discouraging! The idea that one day a year promises to myself will be kept any better than the ones I make during the rest of the year is just crazy talk. Last year I made some pretty big changes in my life but they didn’t come on new years day. Lets review the crazy things we promise ourselves.

1. lose weight! yeah, right! I am still eating the leftovers from Christmas. Now I will drink a bunch of alcohol laden egg nog to celebrate my new plan.

2. Get in shape. It is a misnomer that you are not in shape now. Apple, orange, pear are all shapes and we got ’em. don’t be fooled, that gym membership is still gonna go to waste.

3. Be a nicer person! Really? If you suck as a friend you are gonna continue unless you find yourself alone on a deserted island then you better make some friends quick!

4. World peace? I don’t even know why anyone would even think this is possible? It isn’t religion as John Lennon sang of that is the problem, it is us! See points 1-3. We make promises we don’t keep. We treat others badly and think only of ourselves. We don’t get along in this world because we don’t want to. World peace has never been the goal, it has been personal wealth and satisfaction. Stop dreaming of world peace and start creating some in our own home!

I know, I am pretty cynical. I should really be happier about life and all the gifts I have. Maybe instead of making promises I know I will break, I am going to spend today looking back on the year of blessings and thanking God for the promises he kept!

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