Bumper Sticker Logic

I do appreciate bumper stickers in the same way I like ads in the public restroom. They give you something to read while you sit and wait. Bumper stickers old and new give some small insight into the person who drives the car. Far beyond the political sticker, the mix and mash of personal statements comes a view of people and what they are all about. The fun is that many times they don’t seem to convey a constant message. The classic is from the Don Henley song about a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac or seeing, “feed the poor” on the back of a Lexus makes me shake my head in wonder. You don’t see too many PETA and NRA stickers together unless they are “tasty animals” variation, but I also wonder why you don’t see save the whales with saving babies stickers. I have seen a non-repeatable offensive one next to the “give peace a chance” and the “co-exist” with a “Focus on your own family!”  I have always avoided putting stickers on my car, especially Christian ones. Not that I don’t want anyone to know I am a Christian but that I am aware of my erratic driving and don’t want God to get blamed. Maybe no stickers say a lot as well!

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