To buy or not to buy…..

droneI am a big user of online shopping. For Christmas this year other than stocking stuffers I think I bought everything online. Not much can make me more jazzed than free shipping and paying no tax. I like to look at multiple sites and other than the small questionable sites I really don’t have much issue with using my credit card to purchase stuff. I have even ordered stuff directly from China, it took a fair amount of time to get to me but I was very happy with the purchase. Though it is a rarity, every once in a while I find a product is more expensive online and it always makes a dilemma in what I should do. If I have to pay more but I don’t have to pay tax or shipping, where should I purchase it? It always seems to work out to be within a few dollars, and considering how many retail stores have closed over the last five years I feel guilty not helping them out. If the current trend continues there will only be restaurants and smoke shops in our local mall and those will be fighting for the few elderly folks trying to walk the mall for exercise. It is just so easy to sit in my chair and order stuff knowing it will be at my door in a few days. I do like the instant gratification of buying in a store but it is trumped by my cheapskatedness. Pretty soon drone delivery of card board boxes to my seat in the local coffee shop is going to kill all local sales, and I can’t seem to decide if this is a good or bad thing!

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