You better buy that Elephant some flowers!

elephant-1113tm-pic-439My television choices don’t tend toward the educational, the only time I watch PBS is when they are showing a concert or something on the civil war. Last night however I stopped on PBS while a show I had never seen before called “Sex in the Wild” was on. The particular episode was on elephants and how this team of experts were trying to control overpopulation by creating birth control for the males. To do this they were “collecting” samples from the males. Since this is a family oriented blog I cannot describe what these team of “experts” were doing but lets just say that they left nothing out of the show on how they went about the job. Once they tranquilized the elephant it took six people to complete the job. The part I found un-real was that this is a paid job because whatever they are paying it isn’t enough to get me to do that job! I almost died laughing as they talked as if this was something you see every day! For me it is something I can never scrub from my mind and when ever I think I have a horrible job, I can think back to this show and remember how go I have it.

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