When is a Car not a Car?

lamborghiniOn a whim I decided to look up the most expensive car you can buy. According to Forbes magazine it is the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, this car has a starting price of 4.5 million dollars. 4.5 million dollars for a car! If some Italian sculptor hand hammered the car out of gold it would not cost this much. What, besides going really, really fast and have seats covered in the rarest animals on the planet could cost that much? I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine ever owning one of these cars, I would be afraid to even drive it! You think you could get an insurance quote in 15 minutes for one of those? Flo herself would show up at my door just to see what kind of idiot buys a 4.5 million dollar car. I think of cars as practical, even if they are for fun. I need them to take me to work or the grocery store during the week and perhaps into the mountains or to the beach on the weekends. This car can only sit in an oversized garage and be looked at. Even the slightest rock chip has to cost, what a hundred thousand? I know the maker and the buyers of this car could care less what I think, but I imagine you could buy a really nice car for say, one-quarter the price of this one that would probably be just as nice, and if you are really set on getting rid of all that money, I know a little non-profit that could use even a paint chip! When is a car not a car, when it is ridiculous!

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