Casual Fridays…

In lots of companies Friday is casual day! This is the day that normally reserved well-dressed adults show off how poorly they can dress. Guy’s trade in polo’s for hoodies with writing on them that I wouldn’t want my kids to wear. I can’t remember who I first heard this from but, why would anyone pay to advertise for Coke or Nike? Somehow we have been duped into wearing giant corporation’s logos and the stupid part is we pay extra for the right to wear it. I can see wearing your favorite sports team, rock band or even an ad for a worthy cause. Coke Cola make millions selling what amounts to rust remover full of sugar for way more than it costs to make, and then sells millions more worth of merchandise to those who love the flavor of their intestinal rotting treat. And while I am on the subject, putting the word juice across your posterior is about as appealing as a popsicle after it is dropped in the mud! Have some respect, dressing trashy only works for the insane, homeless and possible artists who might be both. If you are living in a bad part of town and need your clothes to be intimidating to stay alive that is one thing, watching middle-aged upper-middle class people trying to be tough and young is just sad.

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