A Cautionary Tale of Email!

eg_shopicon_26I was trying to find an important email in my inbox this morning. The problem is I don’t ever throw any emails away so my inbox had ballooned up to over fifteen thousand emails. That is just in my primary email account. I have five different email accounts so it has become unruly. So I decided it was time for a cleaning. The oldest email was from 2008, it was a receipt for something I bought. I started just going down the list but found this way too slow. I then had a thought to sort them by whom they were from. Just the emails from twitter and Facebook took me down to under ten thousand. Next newsletters from electronics stores a book club and iTunes took another fifteen hundred or so. Slowly but surely taking out all the mass mailings and updates from old jobs or companies I used to do business with got me down to under six thousand. The problem is now I need to go through those and figure out just what really needs to be kept. I hate to throw any of those away because I know once I get rid of one I am gonna need it! I tell you this as a cautionary tale, as I wait here for the over eight thousand emails to delete from the trash. I am tempting fate. The last time I let it get this bad I spent a week recovering the box because it crashed before I could get it done. Let me be a warning to you, clean it up before you lose it all!

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