Me Myself and I Celebrations

I was really blown away this weekend by the contrast I saw in Colorado! Watching the news I saw two very different types of events being celebrated yesterday, Easter Sunday and 4/20 marijuana gatherings. Easter is all about the sacrifice and resurrection of Christ on our behalf, the other about being able to indulge oneself recreationally with marijuana. I am not going to argue why marijuana should or should not be legal, or whether you believe Christ died and was resurrected. Rather I saw yesterday as a picture of what I see happening in our country as a whole. Our past has been many things but one of the themes of our history has been the sacrifice of many for the good of the whole. The revolution and World War II as just examples of people giving everything to give us the freedoms we enjoy. These sacrifices came from a belief system which says that the greatest gift anyone can give is to lay down their life for others. As Christians we are taught this and we believe it was demonstrated for us by God himself. That was what was being celebrated at our church yesterday. The funny thing is that those sacrifices gave the right for those indulging in 4/20 to celebrate what they believe in.  My fear is that we as a country have become more and more about ourselves and less and less about others. If this trend continues it will be harder and harder to defend what we have because no one will be willing to give anything for anyone else. I am not calling for anyone to die for anyone else, but being all about ourselves can’t become the law of the land if we are to survive.

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