Cell Phones Plans Suck!

Cell phone plans suck! Not just some of them, but all of them. I am all for free enterprise, but can someone give me a plan for my family that won’t require me to sell my organs to pay for. If I don’t want data, the phones look like they are made for Toys R us! If I want a tough phone that won’t easily break I have to buy a $100 case to go over the phone. Data plans range from, you can look at one email to Paris Hilton can’t afford. Of course the sales man says “I would not recommend the small data plan. Why not? Because you don’t get as big a commission? I could get HBO and all the other paid channels on my Direct TV for what they want. So I go over to Walmart to look at the cheap plan they have. The display says all the phones in that plan are recalled so I can’t even sign up!  Oh by the way if I do I have to pay $300 for the phone. The other issue is I am one year into my contract so if I did leave I would still pay the big bucks to they for the privilege of going to another crappy plan. This doesn’t even take into account that most of the carriers don’t even work at my house. I know this is a first world problem! People are starving all over the world and that is more important. I just wish I could simply make a call have it connect and not require the sale of a goat to afford!

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