Cemetery rules!

Is there somewhere where they post rules for cemeteries? I always feel awkward traipsing through the rows of headstones. Is it ok to walk over the middle of the row or should I walk more by the end? Is the headstone over the head or is it on the feet of the guy in the next row? When the stone has three names on it does that mean they are stacked three deep or are they all around the stone? What happens if they start digging a new spot and they hit someone who was unmarked? These are some of my questions but I have more. Why are many headstones shaped like the Washington monument? Does that mean something? If I see one guys name and fifteen women listed after his, is that all his wives or is this a family who all died together? What kind of mower do they use to keep the grass that nice? I could really use a Wikipedia entry on this. In a ten minute visit I come away with a week worth of pondering.

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