Christmas by age group!

paper-christmas-tree-913-1240Now that Christmas is over I thought I would share an observation I had about the day. I have noticed that depending on our age we all have a different view of the holiday. Babies up to preschoolers are the most amazed by the whole thing, everything from the tree to the presents are a wonder to this age and they make it the most fun for their parents. Simple gifts are met with glee which is good because if you had to supply something massive and expensive the kids would be out of luck. You can’t look on their face and not have some of that excitement rub off on you. When the kids get a little older some of the shine starts to wear off. It is much harder to get presents that wow the kids and many have figured out the Santa thing so the magic is gone and all that is left is the presents to make the kids excited. Once the kids are teenagers the reaction is mostly muted by the teenage angst that is a constant so gifts are met with a mix of apathy and disregard. These years can make parents want to scrap the idea and just fly off to Hawaii leaving everyone at grandma and grandpa’s. Then the grand kids come alone and make Christmas special again, but this time around you have money and time to search out the best gifts so it is even better. You get to have the glow back and you get to be the keeper of the traditions and tell stories of how your children, when they were young loved to take part, much to the joy of the new little ones.  Good thing it comes back around or the whole thing might have been scrapped years ago!

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