Christmas Birthdays

My birthday is Dec 24th. I am not a fan of being born the day before Christmas. Rightfully so my birthday is overshadowed. As a kid this really bugged me. Everyone gathered round  waiting for midnight so we could open our presents when someone would remember it was my birthday. Usually when my mom came in with a cake. Here are the batteries wrapped in Christmas paper for your birthday, the present is under the tree. One year I got a motorcycle helmet for my birthday and the motorcycle under the tree the next morning. Ok that one was cool but most of the time I felt ripped off. That was until I was in my forties! Now I wish no one would remember how old I am. I started running this year and lost some weight all so I can feel more like that ripped off kid. I guess I should really get over it. I’m getting older, my birthday isn’t going to move and when I am dead my birth date will only be something to put before the dash.

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