Christmas for Who?

I have seen a lot of articles and commercials in the last few weeks about the top tech gadgets for the coming Christmas season. Some of it is the standard new speakers or peripherals for computers and cellphones others are in the category of ridiculous. One commercial tell me that to be a good aunt or uncle I need to get my nieces and nephew’s smartphones and tablets. Sorry to disappoint but I will not be buying those for myself let alone others. Maybe I am a tight wad but Christmas gifts should take the whole year to pay off! How about the ad for a personal hover craft, did I mention it cost more than my house? How about a personal submarine, I am sure that is on everyone’s wish list. The only sub I’m going to see is maybe one that uses baking soda (kids ask your dad what this was). Retailers must hope they are going to guilt us into spending way too much on Christmas this year, or at least some are hoping.  Have they seen the economy lately? I don’t think they better put all the eggs into the Christmas basket this year. I predict there will be a few retailers in the February-March time frame that will be throwing in the towel. At least it will be so if they are counting on me to boost their bottom line.

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